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Golden Goose

Golden Goose was born in 2000 merging the creative spirit of Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo: two young Venetian designers, outsiders until then to the world of fashion. Since the beginning, the company has distinguished itself with innovative but artisan spirited products, a low-key communication strategy, and a highly selective placement in venues that share the brand's philosophy.

Golden Goose has created a complete lifestyle for its customers, offering a collection that includes ready-to-wear, accessories, and footwear, combining a refined and modern style with a vintage feeling, all supported by the strong Italian sartorial tradition.

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers

The Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers are handmade by master cobblers from the moment of the assembly to the last flash of glitter and are characterized by a vintage look and the Star logo. All Golden Goose Sneakers are crafted from fine leather and have a “rip and tear” aesthetic.

"They Look Used?"

The Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers look like they’ve lived a life full of adventures. This look is given by the manufacturers using a special technique to scrape, scuff and distress the leather. By doing this, each pair has a unique look, and that's the appeal.

The Fit

The Golden Goose Sneakers are true to size meaning they come in full sizes and it’s recommended for people that have a normal shoe size a ½ size to size down. This means that if you are a size US 8.5 you should get the size IT 38.

They also come with a wedge heel for a bit of extra height and support. The wedge heel is removable, it can be swapped with a flat one.

How To Wear Them

The Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers are the perfect fit if you are looking to give a bit of an edge to your style. They are also practical, they go well with about anything. You could wear them with skirts, jeans, dresses and you would still look chic. Have a look here and see if you find a pair that suits you.

Look 1:

Citizens Noeme Sweatshirt 9233

Esqualo Indian River Midi Skirt 14509

Golden Goose Slide Sneaker GWF00116F00196610752FS

Golden Goose Bag GWA00101A00010270130

Look 1   

Look 2:

Brodie Thunder Strike Hoodie 21A_003

Citizens of Humanity Chrissy Jean 1611-1262

Golden Goose Stardan Sneaker GWF00128F00219125588

Look 2

Look 3:

Misa Lyra Dress WIDR7816

Golden Goose Super Star Sneaker GWF00101F0019529178FS

Look 3

Look 4:

Leallo Dune Sweatshirt in Stars DCN-007

Leallo Dun Sweatpant in Stars DLP-004

Golden Goose Superstars GWF00102F00161281153

Look 4

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